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Change doesn’t happen over night. The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are.

Congratulations on taking the first step by looking at this site!

From anxiety, stress, boosting energy to healthy eating and fitness goals, I make it a priority to set realistic goals with my clients.

As a certified professional coach, we will design a custom plan and achieve all your goals successfully. Go to the “Work With Me” page and drop me a line with your questions, concerns or to book a free consultation with me.

Take your wellbeing in your own hands by taking the next step with me!

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Work With Me

I want to work with you to make you see that your beliefs are what drive your thoughts and your thoughts are what drive your emotions. I want you to gain control of your life and everything that you can accomplish.

Personalized Coaching

With all the wellness guidelines, products, and services out there, it makes it difficult to create a personal formula… And making changes that last can be hard!

Grocery Shopping Trip

There’s lots of life distractions making it easy to purchase spontaneous food supplies. Together, we will go through the aisles, and look at healthy options to add to your cart.

Kitchen Feng Shui

Together, lets design your kitchen to fit your day-to-day needs. This will give you the tools to create healthy eating/living habits for yourself and the entire family.

Cook with Me

No matter if it’s one-on-one or in group setting, I can customize a workshop where you will learn easy and healthy cooking techniques to incorporate in your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is health and Wellness Coaching and why does it work?

Wellness coaches are practitioners and life-long students of coaching psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being.

Great coaches have several skills you will notice early. They are great listeners and enjoy your stories. They foster self-acceptance and self respect. They arouse, engage, energize, and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment. They are playful when appropriate. They take risks and ask courageous questions. They don’t rescue you from emotional muck – sometimes you need to sit in it for a bit to energize your desire to change. They know your life is at stake if you don’t take care of yourself. And they know how to celebrate your successes.

Coaching works for several reasons:

  • Synergy between the coach and client creates momentum.
  • Better goals are set — ones that naturally pull you toward the goal rather than goals that require you to push yourself to the goal.
  • You develop new skills, and these skills translate into more success.

How does coaching work?

The process of wellness coaching progresses through several stages:

You provide background information through an online well-being assessment so that you and your coach are well-informed on the key issues, including medical considerations.

During the first 60-90 minute coaching session, you identify your priorities and develop a personal vision, three month plan and realistic goals.

In subsequent 30-45 minute coaching sessions, each week, month, or quarter, you and your coach review the progress toward your vision and goals, explore and resolve the most pressing issues, learn something new, and then agree on a set of goals for the following week. You will enjoy plenty of ah-ah insights along the way.

By the end of three months, you can expect to reach more than 70% of your three-month goals and feel energized and confident to embark on new areas.

How long must I commit if I start working with a coach?

Most coaches ask for a three to six month commitment but usually let you stop immediately if coaching is not working for you right now.

What if you are already doing great in your life. Why would you need a coach?

You might not need a coach. But it is helpful to find out: Are you doing what you most enjoy? Are you tolerating anything? Do you have what you most want? We’ve discovered that, often, people need to expect more out of their lives. A coach can help in this process.

Can I hire a coach for a short-term, special project?

Yes. You can hire a coach to help you accomplish specific goals or projects. However, you might want to keep working with the coach after that because there are even more interesting things to accomplish.

How can I be sure that my information will stay private?

Click here to read my confidentiality agreement.

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Sophie has been a great source of support for me over the past couple of years. Through her coaching she’s helped me realise that I am in control of my life and have the strength to make decisions that lead to happiness and health instead of stress and sickness. Sophie’s kind and tailored approach has helped me gain confidence in myself. She’s taught me that taking care of my body is something that I deserve. I now recognise that a good diet and regular exercise doesn’t mean the end of everything that tastes good or is fun. It means making time for yourself and loving yourself.

Jamie MitchellOttawa, ON, Canada
As a new mom with a baby who was only a few months old, I found it hard sometimes to stay motivated and to work out consistently. Having Sophie there to encourage me and help me figure out an effective workout plan was so amazing and made a world of difference in how quickly I regained my pre-baby body.

With her help, I found that I reached my fitness goals quickly and had fun along the way! She truly listens to you and finds workouts that WORK FOR YOU.

I highly recommend her to everyone looking to make a positive change in their fitness and/or health regimes!

Thank you for everything Sophie!

Zephyr Samchuck-SchnarchOttawa, ON, Canada

My partner and I asked Sophie to guide us through our first cleanse. Neither one of us had ANY experience with cleanses and she took the time to design something easy to follow that was well thought out and simple. She learned what we were looking for and calibrated her suggestions to our diets and lifestyles.

My partner is a meat and potatoes kind of man so making something that would work for both of us was no small task.

Brenda DunnOttawa, ON, Canada

Sophie’s coaching showed me that it is not just important to take care of your body, but your mind as well. Sophie helped me discover what relaxation means for me and now I make sure I take time to give my brain a break from stress. This tailored approach has helped me to overcome much of the anxiety that I felt before I started working with Sophie. When I went to Sophie for help I was a bit of a basket-case, but with her guidance and belief that I could do it, she has helped me turn things around and become a more confident person, living my life the way that I want to.

I can’t recommend Sophie highly enough! She will help you do amazing things with your world.

Jamie MitchellOttawa, ON, Canada

I’ve been working on Sophie’s advice and help for a few months now and I am seeing changes happening… some weight seems to be coming off after just a few of her guidelines and help!!

Merci Sophie you sure know what you’re talking about! I’m looking forward to more changes

Kathleen MeilleurOttawa, ON, Canada

I was shocked to find that by the end of day three I was getting compliments on my glowing skin and I truthfully felt fantastic! I was not expecting to feel as energized and refreshed as I did.

Doing a cleanse was a challenge that always intimidated me, but Sophie provided the kind of customized coaching we needed to make a cleanse work for both of us.

Brenda DunnOttawa, ON, Canada

Skills & Qualifications

A health & wellness coach is so important to enhance your overall health and happiness. Working with a health & wellness coach will help you succeed in such goals as weight loss and stress management. As a coach, my job is to utilize your creativity and strengths to find strategies like goal setting and habit change. Try it for yourself  and you will shortly see how accomplishing your goals will lead you to have a positive attitude and more joy in your life!

Certified Health
& Wellness Coach

Certified Fitness
Instructor Specialist

Health Facilitator

Nutrition & Mindfulness Expert


Please feel free to send me any questions and/or requests by filling out the following form.