4 Reasons to Meditate Today

Life is busy. We try to fit in as much as possible and do our very best with every task we challenge ourselves with. We want to rock sales and marketing and hiring and firing, while also attending every PTA meeting and field trip and social function we possibly can. We scan Pinterest for cute birthday ideas for our kids or spouses, and we feel the need to produce homemade food for our families and fit in quality time with our pets, all while trying to get that next promotion and make enough money to feel that we’re excelling at life.

Although we read endless articles offering ways to achieve balance between our personal and professional lives, and know that living in the moment is good for us and will improve our experiences, we often end up burnt-out and depressed. In other words?

We need to slow down.

One really great way of learning to let go and be present and enjoy stillness, is to meditate. Even if it’s only for 2 minutes, in your vehicle, on your lunch break, it’s important to consciously breathe and be still every day. Here are 5 reasons to start mediating today:

Your body will work more efficiently when permitted to take a break.

It’s the same way cat-naps work. Just a few minutes of closing your eyes, breathing in more oxygen, and allowing yourself to be still can benefit your body (and brain!) immensely. Avoid burnout by meditating twice a day, for 5 minutes at a time.

Yes, really.

You’ll sleep better.

Busy people often suffer from insomnia. The belief that the more tired you are, the better you’ll sleep is false. Busy, stressed-out people have higher levels of cortisol in their bodies, and this hormone can keep you from sleeping well.

Meditating just before bed can help to lessen the output of cortisol and produce a better night’s sleep.

Our brains need a break from digital.

In 2016, we spend more time on our iPhones and iPods and laptops and desk tops than we do sleeping at night. Our insatiable need for instant answers and constant communication leaves our brains (and eyes!) exhausted and strained.

Give your brain and eyes a break by shutting the action down, closing your eyes, and focusing on breathing. Notice when your thoughts wander, and gently guide them back in.

Give yourself the gift of less.

That perfect person you’re trying to keep up with? She’s stressed.

Don’t be that mom or that friend or that spouse. Remember that life is about living now, in the moment. Sure, we can work towards future goals, but what’s the point in sacrificing your present experiences for future ones? You don’t even know if you’ll be around to enjoy them! So enjoy now. Meditating can help to remind us to be grateful and thankful and feel blessed for what we have, not what we want. We don’t need everything our neighbours have, including their stress. Refuse to keep up—it’s better for your health. For more tips on how to improve your health, please visit HERE