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The Amazing Health Benefits of Infrared Hot Yoga

Although the hype associated with hot yoga hit mainstream yogis years ago, it continues to redefine itself. There are many different types of ‘hot yoga’, but the one that boasts the most health benefits is infrared.

Yoga is a personal practice of connecting your mind and body through a flow of movement and breath, and practicing in studio with a heightened temperature using infrared heat panels can have many favoured effects on your body!


If you want beautiful skin, then prepare to pour sweat (and that is an understatement)—infrared hot yoga is your answer. The sweat helps carry off the deeply embedded impurities through the skin, and the results include clearer skin and increased cellular growth.[1] Infrared heat also prevents skin from developing acne, and increases elasticity for a smoother tone and more youthful appearance.

Immunity and Detoxification

As the temperature in the room increases, the body begins to stimulate circulation. The production of white blood cells begin to increase, and the response to invaders attacking our immune system becomes more and more efficient. Over time. your immune system becomes less prone to colds and flu because the heat eliminates and flushes out toxins from the skin, instead putting stress on organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Better Sleep

Yogis who practice in an infrared studio typically report better sleep. Among other reasons, this can be attributed to the pain relief that occurs when sore muscles and joints are exposed to the infrared heat, combined with the gentle stretching that the practice of yoga provides.[2]

Lose Inches

The number one thing that motivates most people to try infrared yoga is the loss of water retention—much of the excess water that is accumulated in your tissues is lost through perspiration when practicing infrared hot yoga![3]

When your body temperature increases and your heart is pumping and blood is circulating, we are pushing through a set point. The heat in the room penetrates your body at a much deeper level than any exercise because of the heat and release of toxins. The metabolic rate increases and burns more calories than usual, and extra fat stored in your body becomes water soluble and gets flushed out.[4]

So the next time you pass by an infrared hot yoga studio, consider purchasing a class pass, and give it a try! Give your mind and body an infa-RAD Day.

(See what I did there?)

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