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spring into self-care habits

Spring into Self-Care

It’s April, and that means warmer weather, increased sun exposure,…

Self-Care: Cultivating Healthy Habits

This is YOUR Year for Self-Care Happy New Year, everyone! January…
food travelling

Travelling? Here's How to Eat Healthy.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced globetrotter,…
Cancer Prevention

Lifestyle Choices for Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention There's just something about October that…
Essential oils

The Many Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101 Fall is my favourite time of year for using…
back-to-school snacks

Avoiding Back-to-School Food Stress

As a health coach, food is one of my top priorities when I comes…
Floating therapy

Flotation Therapy for the Mind, Body, and Soul

This blog post is one that I’m really excited to write about.…
green smoothie bowl

3 Summertime Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Smoothie Bowl Recipes for Healthy Summertime Meals and Snacks A…
woman in sunshine

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Health Benefits of Vitamin D It may finally be summer, but in…
Toning your arms

4 Easy Moves to Tone Your Arms

Tone Your Arms It’s no secret that it can be really difficult…
Body scrub

4 Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Everyone loves a great body scrub, but they can be expensive…

The Healing Benefits of Halotherapy

The health benefits of halotherapy (also known as salt therapy)…

What Exactly are Fiddleheads?!

If you’re thinking of expanding your greens intake and incorporating…
woman practicing yoga

The Amazing Health Benefits of Infrared Hot Yoga

Although the hype associated with hot yoga hit mainstream yogis…

Addiction: Healing through Social Connection, Fitness, and Nutrition

Addiction is a term that is often attached to stigma and stereotypes…
Woman holding avocado

3 Foods to Eat for Brain Health

With summer just around the corner, there are so many things…
local strawberries

Eating with Intention

We live in a world today where we function with rapid speed,…

Making Chocolate

On Valentine’s day a few years ago, instead of doing an activity…

Step into Spring—Literally!

As winter dissipates, many of us may feel sluggish. Sometimes…

4 Reasons to Meditate Today

Life is busy. We try to fit in as much as possible and do our…

Weight Loss Supplements: Are Fat Burners Really Worth It?

Commercial weight loss supplements are often filled with caffeine…

How to overcome an eating disorder

Over the years I have subjected my body to everything from 3…

Know your SPF!

Believe it or not... sun exposure causes most of the skin changes…

Hangover Myths & Cures

What does drowsiness, headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea,…

Healthy Baking Tips

Doing small modifications to your recipes can reduce the amount…

How to stay healthy through the Holidays

Let’s set the scene: You’re having a good time at a family…

How to Incorporate Movement Into Your Office Routine

Full-time employees will spend nearly 30,000 hours at work through…

Facing "The Wall" During a Race

A few years ago, I decided to compete in a half marathon race.…

Going Back to Nature - Herbs to Heal You

Using herbs is an easy way to purify your body, mind, and soul.…

15 easy ways to lose weight

Are you looking for easy ways to lose weight? Have you hit a…

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark...Chocolate

Another holiday is just around the corner, and supermarkets are…

Suicide - Let's Talk

Today’s topic hits close to home. Less than one week ago, I…

Sophie's 4 Mindful Eating Tips - Eat Less and Feel Fuller

Is your job so busy that you either eat as you work, or need…