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Eating with Intention

We live in a world today where we function with rapid speed, whether it’s the way we eat, sleep, breathe, work or play. Many of us don’t realize how busy and jam-packed our days are, or even what we ate for breakfast the majority of the time!

Break the Cycle

It isn’t until we lay our head on our pillows at night that we have a few minutes to recap short memories of the day, and then we are sound asleep again. Then we get up, and the cycles and routines repeat themselves.

We don’t need to live like this—especially when it comes to basic necessities like eating! When was the last time you had a meal alone, with family, or at work when you could recall that you ate with 100% pure awareness, attention and mindfulness?

It’s probably been while, right?

Food for the Soul

Eating is a gift that most of us forget to cherish. It’s natural and pleasurable. Food gives us energy and allows us to think, move, and be good at what we do. So why is it so easy to not give it the attention that it deserves?

It’s important that we start thinking about the correlation between food and the way we feel mentally, emotionally and physically. If we’re not being present when we’re eating, the ability to even feel our innate awareness is robbed from us!

Your Body is Your Temple

If you start to think of your body as a temple and food as the positive energy you bring in, you would be able to start making some changes that would benefit your long-term well-being.

I often tell my clients that when thinking about food and what you put in your body, reflect on the feeling attached to your mental and emotional state as a result.  When you connect the feeling or outcome of what you’re actually doing, it’s much easier to follow through because you can begin to predict what the outcome is going to be.

A salad with some plant-based protein makes us feel energized and alive. A processed doughnut? Not so much.

Tips for Mindfulness

You can become more synchronized to your body by simply slowing down and mindfully focusing on the present moment. When eating any meal, give yourself permission to step away from tasks or work. Create a positive and healthy ambiance where there are no distractions. Take time to see, feel, touch, and taste your food—allow your senses to be fully active and present.

Reflect throughout the day, and ask yourself whether what you ate is giving your body the zap of energy you need, or if it’s depleting you. Stick with what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

It’s pretty simple, right?!

Make it Fun

Bringing awareness to your eating habits can be fun! There are endless amounts of ideas and solutions that you can try in order to nourish and nurture your body with food.

Gather some friends, or get your kids involved with meal prep while building a connection. Create a list of things that you need, find healthy recipes, go grocery shopping together, or hit up a local farmer’s market.

When you start eating with attention and intention, your body, mind and soul will thank you for years to come. If you need more tips and help with mindful eating, visit my recipes page HERE.

Be well, Ottawa! If you need help, I’m here.